Toward Philosophy of the Practice of Philosophy. An invitation to philosophical dialogue among praciticioners of philosophy about the nature of their word  

(Thomas Gutknecht / Translation: Petra von Morstein)
1.In joining celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Gerd Achenbach’s foundational work in the Practice of Philosophy I have to note nonetheless that the practice of Philosophy still suffers from a great theoretical deficit, beside other deficits. I am of course far from belittling Achenbach’s merits. 

There are many open questions which it is the mandate of the IGPP to address in order to overcome those deficits. The questions include the
following: What makes the Practice of Philosophy philosophical in its diverse manifestation such as Counselling, Education, Philosophy cafes etc.? What is the connection between extra-academic work in Philosophy and academic Philosophy? What is characteristic of the culture of dialogical thinking? more >