Englisch Fortsetzung 1

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Although the Practice of Philosophy is not identical with the academic study of Philosophy it must nonetheless integrate theory without being captivated by it. It must support academic research and teaching in Philosophy as well as be nurtured by academic research and teaching.The horizon of the Practice of Philosophy is Logos. We know that Logos unifies language, sense, activity and potential. 

Do we agree that Philosophical Practice is not equivalent to therapeutic activity? It clearly is not a therapy among therapies. Rather it is an alternative to therapies. We do not apply, let alone sell philosophical ideas and methods. Rather we call on them and transform them as appropriate to concrete contemporary life situations and thus open the space of freedom and responsibilities among individuals in philosophical dialogue, – that is, in human community.The primary mandate of the IGPP consists in recognition and pursuit of theoretical aspects of the Practice of Philosophy on the experiential basis of lived experience where philosophical questions originate.  more >