Guglielmini, Maria

Biographical informations about Maria Guglielmini:Doctor Maria Guglielmini, graduate in philosophy, is the first philosopher in Italy that practices the Philosophical Counselling, since 1998. Foundar member, on 2000, and member of directive council of AICF, the first Philosophical Counselling Italian Association. She works, since 15 years, in Sicily, in educational and training formation as planner, speaker and lecturer, in public and private organizations (public Administrations, local Authority, University, Schools, Masters, Companies and Associations), in the area of the interpersonal and relational communication and humain resources. She works, particularly, with groups. She published several articles on newspapers, magazines and periodical. She is, also, a teacher in a high school of Palermo.

Via Svezia, 12

I – 90146 Palermo